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la roche


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by la Roche


With all the soul they could muster & a lil’ boogie in their beat, DC natives la Roche humbly presented their debut EP May 2018, encouraging their listeners to harness the sound of their individual spirit.

THAUM celebrates the undeniable magic of our physical worlds, casting light on the inner symphonies of our shadows.

Artwork by Shanice Aga & Eunbi Hina



Based out of Washington D.C, la Roche is the confection of the non- binary shoegaze duo, simultaneously interweaving between intoxicating soundscapes and sonorous vibes.

The project is the brainchild of Rochelle Sacks. Initially, la Roche made their way into the D.C music scene this May recently after Sacks self- released their album and project baby, THAUM. Created by the group’s singer-songwriter, la Roche served both as a moniker and alter-ego for the non- binary producer, singer-songwriter and multi- instrumentalist, Rochelle Sacks.

The lyrical components of the shoegaze inspired EP harness the exploration of the individual spirit, translating life through sound. With soulful grooves, la Roche captures the spirit of adventure that evoke childhood longing.

la Roche commits their vision to building an inclusive musical network, standing as fierce allies of Black Lives Matter & LGBTQTI. la Roche can only exist with worldly inspiration nurturing their sound. Without it, the message is lost and lonely. Sculpted by the magic of people; for the people.

la Roche has performed at several venues known to DMV locals such as Velvet Lounge, the Pinch, Slash Run, & are set to perform this coming fall, Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe and D.C’s annual H St Festival in October. la Roche continues to curate an individual sway to their sound, leaving impressions on local music reviewers including Hometown Sounds. Quickly garnering attention from a range of artists, la Roche has performed alongside local and upcoming artists such as CrushnPain, BRNDA, Brothertiger, Summerheart and Pitchfork acclaimed artist, Hana Vu.



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